Land of Origins

As récoltant manipulant (RM), the only grapes we use to make our wines come from our vineyard, about fifty plots spread over four villages of La Montagne de Reims :

  • Chamery, Vrigny, Coulommes la montagne in Premier Cru
  • Verzenay in Grand Cru

The orientation of the hills varies from south-east to north-east, creating many micro-terroirs where each grape variety has a specific place:

The 10,5 hectares of the vineyard are today planted with 3,80 hectares of Pinot noir, 3,30 hectares of Pinot Meunier, 3,20 hectares of Chardonnay and 0,20 hectares of Petit Meslier (first parcel planted in 2016).

Chamery, Vrigny and Coulommes la Montagne

The majority of our vines are planted on the hills of these three villages of the western part of La montagne de Reims, also known as “petite montagne”. Formed during the tertiary era, the soils are composed of sand, clay/loam and calcareous clay. The fossils shells found in Chamery attest to the presence of the sea in the region thirty-five millions years ago.

Most of our Pinot Meunier vines grow on the lower part of the hills of Chamery and Vrigny, on sandy or clay loamy soil. The wines have intense fruit aroma and an enjoyable lightness when young, . They develop spicy character and vinosity with the aging.

The Pinot noir and Chardonnay are planted on clayey/loamy and calcareous clay soil, which are higher on the slopes of the three villages :

The pinot noirs are well-structured and can develop a wide aromatic range such as red berry, orange peel or herbal scents when older. In Chamery’s parcels of « Les Spectres » and « Le Clos » , the pinot noir shows a great ability to give intense red wine, full of cherry and raspberry aromas, with a touch of spiciness and fleshy character.
Our Chardonnays give wines with a great energy, neat and packed with citrusy and white flower scents. They developp pear and acacia honeyed aromas in « Les Vignes Dieu », a south oriented hill of Coulommes la montagne where they reach exeptionnal maturity.

Our House style is a result of the pairing of these singularities together with a unique formula determined for every vintage.


Verzenay is known to have one of the most distinctive and powerful expressions of the champagne pinot Noir : the village has a very chalky ground and a main orientation to the north; this unique situation allows for a slow maturation of the grapes, giving wines with a lot of power and aging potential.Since 2003 we own five parcels of old vines, mainly destined to elaborate our Champagne Jules Bonnet Blanc de noirs.